School Improvement Projects

The MRVR has close connections with most of the 38 schools in the area and since 2004, with the help of visiting schools which stay in our Outdoor Education Centre, have provided a whole range of improvements in schools which have been traditionally under-funded. Some 150 much needed projects have been carried out with a value exceeding US$500 000.00 and include new toilet blocks, improved water supply, kitchens and canteens, medical rooms, libraries, nurseries, dormitories, IT rooms, and classroom rebuilds or refurbishments. A full list of projects carried out to date can be found by clicking here.

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Above: These typical projects show ‘the before and after conditions’ of a classroom and a school canteen.

Teaching English

We also have an active English teaching programme. This runs at various levels and includes short periods (one day) of teaching by students from visiting schools, to senior students who come and stay for a few weeks in their long summer holidays through to ‘gap year’ students who come and teach for periods of up to 3 months.

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We can also organise a half to full day teaching experience for our resort guests. We provide guidelines for what to teach and how to teach (and ask that preparation is done beforehand).

The response from guests is usually that they thought the experience was the highlight of their time in Thailand.

Continuing Education Project

A few year’s ago we identified a need to assist families with motivated and able children but whose economic circumstances would either cause the children to leave school early, or if they continued, only being able to do so at a cost to the family, causing hardships for all. From a variety of funding sources, we have been able to give almost 40 students the chance to complete their secondary education. A number of guests who have stayed with us have given generously, and other funds have come from visiting international schools, as well as individuals who have found out about this project. Please contact us if you wish to find out more about this project.